Ministry Teams

Grand Avenue Church is comprised of several Ministry Teams that work in concert to fulfill the needs of the church both physically and spiritually.  If you have a heart to serve, please consider joining one of our Ministry Teams.

  • Finance

    This is a vital part of the church.  The finance team maintains all of the systems necessary for things like receiving donations and gifts, as well as for the careful tracking of spending.  This team keeps donations in confidence.  The finance team helps us to teach the stewardship principles of Jesus and the Word of God.  They also stand by, ready to help individuals with godly advice on how to please God with their finances.

  • Security

    The security team is active during events and programs at GACC to safeguard the members and guests as well as the property.  Through carefully designed procedures, they will be on the watch so that others might be free to worship, learn, pray, and fellowship with one another as they attend GACC and our events.

  • Community

    The purpose of this team is to encourage members to be in fellowship with one another.  It is our firm belief that the Christian walk is a relational walk.  This team helps to form relational environments, small groups, and opportunities to practice fellowship.

  • Property

    This team exercises oversight of the buildings and campus that the Lord has provided us with.  This means things like keeping the leadership informed on issues related to the building and property, and also helping to maintain and to keep the building in the best possible condition.  They oversee projects and hire out as necessary.

  • Worship

    Worship is vital in order to grow into a mature follower of Jesus.  This team primarily oversees the main weekly gatherings (our worship services).  This includes:  the planning, the songs, the singers, the praise band, communion devotions, the tech team, and more.  They design opportunities for Christians to freely express worship and praise to God.

  • Missions

    GACC has supported various missions.  This team handles the communication between the missions we support and the congregation.  They will keep missions to the world in the forefront of the congregation's thoughts.  They also make recommendations on how to use the funds made available for missions.

  • Outreach

    Jesus has given the church to responsibilities to go out and make disciples and to build up those who are following Christ.  The purpose of this ministry is to go beyond our walls to reach out to those who are lost.  The idea of community outreach is to share the love of Jesus.  This team leads multiple events throughout the year.

  • Discipleship

    This team is in charge of helping children, all the way through to high school students, into events, classes, conferences, camps, and other activities to learn and know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible, so that they might grow into mature Christian adults.

  • Hospitality

    This team is focused on helping GACC present a very welcoming environment.  They do their best to present our best to guests of the church and those who come in contact with us.  They also make sure that when someone visits GACC, they know that they are welcomed and their visit is appreciated.